Wellness Warrior


Hi there! I live a crazy wild life. (Legitimately) I work in the human services field as a counsellor, I run my company within the health & Wellness Industry, I am on a health journey, and am doing my best to succeed in my fishing career while living in  the midst of the Alberta Prairies. (We don’t have many lakes)

I come from a farming and hunting family that values the outdoors. I live and breathe horses and am lucky enough to have my boys (The are actually mares but I call them my boys) close to home. Throughout all of this Calvin and I flip houses. Yes just like the TV shows except not as glamorous.

It is a crazy hectic life where I do my best to remain sane which is where fishing comes into play. It is my escape. I have always been told that when you have a good thing going you share it with the world. So here it goes. Thanks for joining me on my chaotic journey through life. Mwah!

Love and Light,


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