Couples Who Fish

I know not everyone thinks fishing with their spouse is a great idea and that we may be a bit of an exception but I want to say that as a new angler in the fishing world that it has a lot of benefits. So one of the main reasons obviously that I enjoy fishing with this guy is because I genuinely enjoy spending time with him but it is also making me a better angler. I grew up casually fishing and it was a way that our family would spend time together. I remember fishing with my Papa at the dugout. Papa would tell us girls to get our rods ready and then he would toss some pellets into the water and it would erupt. The water would come alive and soon we would have a rainbow hooked. Fishing in the fall always reminds me of this man and the importance he had on our lives but other than spending some time with my Papa I really knew little about the art of fishing other than I enjoyed it. Calvin and I spend many hours educating ourselves on water temperature, seasonal trends, colours, the art of our retrieve, etc. We are continually evolving and learning. I can truly testify that being in a relationship with someone who takes the sport of fishing very serious has helped me grow as an angler. It was helped me find my passion and confidence within the field. So I welcome you to join us on our journey as a fishing couple and my journey as a new fly fisherman. ♥12920462_10153885887824017_4584739659062622321_n

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