Trials, Tribulations, Couples Who Fish?



First I should introduce myself, my name is Kate and I am the girlfriend of an avid fisherman. I enjoy fishing probably more than anything else in this world but I haven’t always.

So who am I actually? And why do I fish now?

First I would like to add that I am not actually a hippie as half my friends and family would like to tag me as and even though I do love yoga, my regular smudges and growing my own fresh produce I still maintain good hygiene. I want to toss it out there that I still shave my legs and even my armpits on a regular basis this includes our winter months. That is legitimately impressive because I live in Alberta and it is always winter. (Totally a joke)

I am a girl who loves make up, shoes and tries my best to keep up with trending fashions.  I do not like pink camo,  I will not take one single candid bikini fishing shot EVER and I do not want any  “girl” versions of fishing gear. Although I am thankful for hip waders that are designed for women. (That is cool with me)

I am just me and frankly I am probably not going to change.  Regardless this is my journey and you are welcome to join me as I work towards becoming an avid fly fisherman in our Alberta lakes and perfecting that effing roll cast. (Mostly I am just playing catch up to a man who lives, breaths and dreams fishing) Let me just say that as amazing as it is to mutually love fishing and share that passion it isn’t always sunshine and roses. #coupleswhofish is more so #coupleswhocomeclosetodivorce I mean #quietdriveshome I mean #thankful I actually mean #survivor…. but it isn’t that bad I promise.

“Welcome! Thank you for joining me on my epic fishing adventures as I grow as an Alberta Fly Fisherman